Sunday, November 1, 2009

Funny Roommate

Since Regina has gotten her boyfriend and disappeared off the face of this planet, it is once again back to me and Megan. We have all manner of conversations, celebrate holidays together, and collaborate on all sorts of things. I play dress up with recent purchases and Megan will always tell me to either keep or return it--always with brutal honesty. I wouldn't trust anyone else with helping me handle my purchases.

She helps me get ready for dates, tries to lend me accessories (even though we both know they are too small for me--the girl is skinny!), and gives impressive insights to my life that I've never really considered before.

I always forget how well Megan has come to know me over the course of the year. All we do is have random conversations in the kitchen and even more random ones in the living room. But sometimes she'll look at me and know exactly what kind of a day I'm having, make the most minute observations and say the funniest things, like these gems:

" have the "I don't have any groceries" face."

"This isn't a procrastination pie, is it?"

"I finally met the dental student who lives on the 4th floor. He's too young for me, but if you can, you should totally tap that, Kathleen."

"I think you should go for it, because if you let this hot piece slip away, you're not going to get another chance at it!"

(in response to my apologizing for being so easily identifiably grumpy) "i know boo, i get that way too."

"Whatever, I fuck guys in the ass and you're going on a date, that makes us awesome."

"... so is this girl like the princess of his life, or what?"

Cheers to another year of roommate-dom!

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