Tuesday, March 10, 2009


well now.  

for the past month or so i have been wringing my hands about where my integration placement is going to be.  what is integration, you ask?  for the two people following my blog (no, really i know there's just two) after my 5 rotations of 5 weeks each which are ending once and for all this friday with a mere 100-question test and a sad farewell to quite possibly my favorite professor after sally aboelela the physiology professor, i get a week of spring break and then two months of "work."  that is to say, i am assigned to a [hopefully please oh please oh please] competent nurse and follow her around.  oh sure, they say "shadow" as if that sounds more professional, but for all intents and purposes i will make like a facebook whore and tag around someone.   i work the [12-hour night shifts that] she works, I do the nurse-y things she does, and basically get to play pretend-nurse on someone else's RN license. 

everyone i knew had been getting their placements at these awesome hospitals including the Hospital of My Dreams (which i sadly did not get) but more than the actual placement i just wanted to KNOW.  i hate the waiting.  anyway, i finally got my placement today and i will literally be just down the street from my apartment!  i am kind of thrilled about this and also kind of not... the commute is good news and i will be working at the same time and on the same unit as a good buddy, but generally the hope is to get a job at the place where you are integrated, and this hospital has CRAP benefits: a lower salary, smaller education compensation (i.e. "pay for my master's education, bitches") and not as nurturing a work environment as the Hospital of My Dreams.  it doesn't mean that i can't work at HMD, it might just mean that it'll be a little harder.  

and now i have lots more things to think about.  will i like it?  what if the nurse is crappy? how do i fix myself so that i basically keep the same hours as a fruit bat?  will i ever see my friends who keep normal human hours again?  more to come. 

lastly i have been getting back into playing with the yeasties.  my first attempts at whole wheat bread, which was not really whole wheat bread but LIGHT wheat bread, didn't really go so well.  yesterday i tried making whole wheat pizza--also flawed.  today i'm giving the pizza another go and am currently growing a pizza dough on my warm stovetop RIGHT NOW.  hopefully it'll be more... pizza-doughy (yeasty?  chewy?  soft?) and less like a pita, which is what it tasted like yesterday.  other yeastastic fun i'd like to attempt eventually: cinnamon rolls, revisited, soft pretzels, bretzels, and those mouthgasmic soft-on-the-inside-yet-chewy-on-the-outside dinner rolls that you can get parbaked at trader joe's.

does the fact that i now blog about food--and let's not discount the numerous food pics on fb--mean that i have a boring life?  ohdeargod.

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