Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Yorker? Hardly

I've been allowed a reprieve from work--six glorious days spent frolicking in the misnamed "winter rays" of sunny California and not walking headlong into the NYC wind, trying to keep my joints moving lest the fluid that cushions my knee joints freezes and I discover a new form of gout.

and what a glorious week it's been! so far the weather has been--sorry, no other word for it--perfect and sunny and gorgeous. i've seen most of my favorite people in california and spent quality time with the cutest little nephew in the world. i have had my mandatory date with bobby my fabulous hair stylist. i have logged in countless precious minutes car singing, er, make that car belting with wilson, the little gray jetta that could. i saw two dear friends get married. basically, it's been an awesome vacation.

i guess what made me more grateful for vacation this time around (aside from the having something to have vacation from) was my horrible experience with new york right before i got here in california that involved trains breaking down in harlem in the middle of the night in 20 degree weather (i have to remind myself that 20 degrees F is VERY different from C. curse you, america!) and having to walk three blocks to wait another 20 minutes on an outside platform in basically not enough clothing. i don't think i've ever been so cold in my life, and honestly feel like i haven't been properly warm ever since.

for the past couple of months i've been taking steps towards putting down roots in new york--maybe 6 months ago i realized that it's no good living my life with my neck craned backward, and my head not in the present, yearning for things and people and places in California that may or may not be there for me when (yes, i said WHEN) i eventually do move back. i've made a conscious decision to be here, in the right now and to see what the Lord has in store for me in a city that seems to take its inhabitants and spit them back out, always changed. it was a few months ago where i started to feel more like a new yorker, started to feel like i could make this my home, and then all of a sudden this whole subway incident happened and now i'm ready to turn my back on the city.

perhaps i'm not so much of a new yorker after all.