Saturday, October 10, 2009


-using the word "obvi." it's just obnoxious.
-same goes with "totes." that is acceptable if and only if you are under 12 years old.
-muffin tops. especially with stretchy tight shirts.
-people who bump into you either with their own person, or with their bags and don't apologize.
-pharmacology. especially when i have to memorize which liver enzyme the drug affects. who cares?
-three words: female. asian. drivers. (two more words: taiwanese moms)
-the smell of dog pee/poopies on the sidewalk
-finding the source to be a poo smear three feet ahead.
-TACK culture and all aspects of life that it influences.
-insincerity. especially if it masquerades as over-the-top sincerity. i will want to cut you.
-coin slots. i always do a double take. and then stare in disgust.
-koreans. there are always exceptions to the rule, but truthfully, there aren't many.
-paying hella money for bad food. not only did i waste my money, i probably wasted calories i could have saved for cake.
-anime otaku. no, i do not want to "say something in japanese" for your weirdass obsession.
-people who refuse to take pictures. get over your childhood trauma and learn to be a grownup already.
-douchebags, for obvious reasons. but then again, who likes them?
-people who talk about themselves all the time. i'm sure there is a deeper problem in there somewhere.
-yappy dogs. they make me want to join the NRA.
-karaoke posers. why are you here if you don't want to sing? who cares if you suck?
-"let's play it by ear." why don't you just save me the hassle and say "no"? that way if you do change your mind, i'll like you more for it.
-nursing professors who think they are the shizz and like talking about it frequently.
-screaming children and parents who make no effort to stop them. CONTROL YOUR OFFSPRING DAMMIT.

damn i have anger.

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