Monday, January 26, 2009

Back in the Blog Game

recently i re-discovered the blog i kept during my time in japan (remember how everyone and their mom used to use xanga?  kudos to those who remained faithful to blogspot, even through their apparent acquisition by google.  when did that happen?!) and spent about 3 hours reminiscing through 2 years worth of amazing experiences, jaw-dropping pictures of nature, and good friends i've lost track of.  it was bittersweet, but more sweet than bitter, i think.

it's inspired me to restart the blogging process, since one of my goals for this year (and from now on, i suppose) is to do a better job documenting my life and trying to preserve some kind of snapshot of this stage of my life.  i think i did a good enough job of it while i was in japan to feel motivated to try it for my life here in new york.  it's infortunate that i missed the first 8 months of my time here, but there'll be plenty of time to make up for it.  i liked the feeling of reliving my japan experiences via my xanga and my 22-year-old point of view so much that maybe i'll like doing the same with my new york/nursing school experiences.  i'm sure there will be plenty going on.  let's hope it stays interesting. 

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  1. YOYO!! This is Jeff (Your cousin :p)

    Great to hear that you start you Blog again